Mia’s Modern Playroom


Welcome to Wednesday! Today’s adventure introduces us to Michelle and her 3 year-old Mia. Mia has a favorite pair of sparkling gold shoes, so we planned a fun space to let loose with lots of gold!

Michelle is transforming her basement game room into a playroom! This is a pretty large space so there will be plenty of room for play sections. We’ll give Mia a spot for active play, comfortable seating, and enough storage and organization for toys and supplies.


My First Kitchen

mammals (1)

This modern inspired Chelsea Play Kitchen comes in three separate pieces for your little one! If you have less space, there is a 3-in-1 option. These pieces are furnished of solid wood and have matte gold fixtures, just like a real kitchen! Chef Mia will be able to play with her soft fake food right in front of a big window! This will give a lot of natural light to play in. Michelle will also put up the Gold Pennant Banner over the window to give the area a divided play zone that coordinates with the gold accents.



Michelle has a large back wall tucked into the playroom, so we decided that the Grace Narrow Wall System would be the perfect solution to add dimension to the room and reinforce the gray theme! If this system is too big for your space, you can create your own with media options and top row shelves.

Craft Time


By adding a unique rug underneath, Michelle can give the illusion that this space was made for her Carolina Craft Table. Michelle will start with the shorter legs and eventually add the taller legs to grow with her little one. Mia will have a crisp simply white table, that includes two drawers and a paper roll that extends across. Since the bookcase is behind the table, supplies will be easy access.

The Little Things


Michelle fell in love the with gold toned house shelves! Here, she will place the things she wants to keep out of reach from Mia. Jewelry boxes, snow globes and heirlooms will give this wall ornament a personal touch.  These shelves will go behind the wall of the table, fixed on either side of the window to create a mirrored effect on a blank wall.

Another space has been created, and the sun seems to be going down!

Until next time!

xoxo Bonnie


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