Elephants, Linen and Larkin!



Happy Mother’s Day! We’ve been having some wonderful sunshine lately! I hope you all had a loving day of appreciation. Today I met Christie, a soon-to-be mom who will be transitioning her office into a nursery! Christine likes light grey furniture with pops of sky blue with modern linen textures. We’ll give her small space a larger appearance by adding smooth textured furniture, cooler colors for a calm atmosphere and fun circular frames for unity and completeness.

1.The Chair


This Modern Tufted Wingback rocker comes in many different textures and colors ranging from white linens to platinum velvet. Each chair is specially crafted with extra support for the head, shoulders and arms.Christine chose the Organic Cotton Twill in White to brighten up her nursery and to cohesively connect with the white bookcase on the opposite wall.

2. A Pop of Color


To incorporate a quiet and calming color, Christie wanted to add in some little details of sky blue. She will be painting the forefront wall with vertical lines of Sherwin-Williams’ Marshmellow SW 7001 and Sky High SW 6504 to frame the crib. Variations of blue books will be placed on the bookcase to bring in some color on the opposing wall. Christie loved the diamond pattern and light color of the Belgian Linen Flax Collection so we will be adding the small pillow to her rocker for texture and balance.

3. The Crib


Longevity is key when looking for furniture in your nursery. These pieces will stay with you and your baby as they transition into lovely little people! The Larkin 4-in-1 Crib is a high quality one-time investment for comfortable sleep through the teen years. The Larkin is GREENGUARD Gold Certified to contribute to cleaner air by having lower chemical emissions. This was a must for Christie! She will also be adding the Lullaby Organic Crib Mattress, composed of cotton, organic soy and organic wool. Christie will be selecting the soft grey finish of the Larkin for a lighter feel to a big furniture piece.

4. The Changing Table


To cohesively combine furniture pieces, she will be adding the Larkin Extra Wide Dresser and Topper set in the Soft Grey. Vintage-style iron pulls in oil-rubbed bronze add a heirloom feel to this convertible dresser. The topper is secured by metal brackets in the back and can be easily unscrewed and removed. There is a layer of felt on the underside of the topper so that the dresser is safe from scuffs. Christie has a window nook that will perfectly fit her dresser with an abundance of natural light for a less heavy feel.

5. Elephant Decals


These fun elephant decals come in a set of 17. They are easy to add with just a peel-and-stick! Christie and I collaborated with a fun idea to put the decals in worn vintage frames to add texture to the walls. Each decal will be spaced out and put in circular frames to add unity and completeness to the room! She also loved the look of these feather butterfly stick ons, so they will be sporadically placed on and in the frames for a soft cloud-like balance.

6. Bookcases


Since Christie will be changing her office into a nursery she will be loosing the comfort of a closet. To add some storage and a bit of color, she will be adding a vintage inspired Blythe Bookcase in a creamy white finish. The pulls from the bookcase will parallel with the metal drawer knobs of the Larkin. There is also a 30 inch gap on either side of her doors, a perfect symmetrical balance fit for the Madison Bookrack! This bookshelf faces the books out for a splash of color and space to fit little stuffed animals. They are only 5 inches deep so they will silhouette within the nooks and not protrude heavily into the archway.

6. Soft & Cuddly


Trunks up means good luck! From plush play mats for tummy time to jumbo stuffed elephants for cuddles, this little boy will have the softest creatures to grasp for.

From the basics to the little details, Christie will have a welcoming room for her baby boy to come home to!

’til next time!



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